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FireFox & Mozilla with MNG/JNG enabled
FireFox is the lean and mean descendant of Mozilla, which offers excellent speed and standards-compliance with tabbed browsing and a whole lot of other goodies. Neither nowadays come with MNG/JNG support included, but several volunteers have made MNG/JNG enabled versions available.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
The currently most popular browser for the Windows platform. It doesn't yet have native MNG/JNG support, but with the excellent ActiveX control by Jason Summers, or perhaps even his MNG/JNG plugin, this can be fixed.

Mozilla 1.4 still supports MNG, but current builds have it removed. The decision was made to save space. If you feel that's rather odd, than please sign up with bugzilla and vote for bug 18574:

Netscape 6 and up
The Netscape browser was completely re-written from scratch since version 6 and based on the Mozilla code. And as that contains native MNG/JNG support, so does Netscape. There are a few glitches as its using an older version of the Mozilla code, and at certain points in its development support was excluded, but.... it's getting there.

Netscape 4.7 and older
Older versions of the Netscape browsers do not have native MNG/JNG support but can be extended with Jason Summers' excellent MNG/JNG plugin!

KDE Konqueror
KDE Konqueror is a popular graphical file-maintence system for the KDE desktop. Its built-in web-browser is based on Qt, which in turn supports libmng, and thus gives this browser native MNG/JNG support. Yowze! Way to go, guys.

Opera is a fairly small, fast and standards-compliant webbrowser. It doesn't boast native MNG/JNG support (yet), but with Jason Summers' plugin, it can still display those great animations and images.

small Fast Browser
This is a home-grown browser developed by Gregg Kelly. It's not publicly available (yet?), but it does have native MNG/JNG support through the use of libmng. Gregg was also instrumental in fixing several memory-leaks and other tidbits, so I owe him!

This is another lean HTML browser by Winfried Szukalski. It's far from complete, but it does support MNG and JNG !!! Unfortunately it is no longer available in the old location, allthough you may get lucky at the provided link to the WayBack machine.

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