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This web-site is 100% free of LZW (as in GIFtm). It only uses PNG, MNG and JPEG image-files. Feel free to copy any or all images from the site. This site is about promotion. The sources are free, my advice is free and so are the images. With one exception: If you're going to put the 100% M/PNG logo on your site, you better make sure it's 100% free of LZW (and GIFs)! That's all I'm asking for! And if you let me know, I'll even put up a link to your site.

If you find that you cannot correctly view these images, your browser probably doesn't understand what to do with them. This is NOT an error of the site. It IS an error in your web-browser. Contact the vendor of your browser to have this fixed in future versions. If enough people complain, they may actually do the right thing!

Nowadays there's already a couple of Browsers that also support MNG and JNG. There's really no stopping this!