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"My name is Dan Tatut and I'm R&D Director at Chrome Imaging. I'm very interested in your MNG library and I think we'll integrate it as a free plugin (with source code available) in the next versions of our (commercial) products. You did a great job!"

Dan Tatut, Chrome Imaging

"EXCELLENT! Congratulations, Gerard! Most impressive. Some virtual chocolate-chip cookies are on their way. :-)"

Greg Roelofs, grandmaster of the PNG Homepages
(heh! where's my next batch of cookies :-)

"Thanks for your effort in making this great library available."

Urban Velkavrh

"Congratulations on the library and the site. I was there about a week ago, and I must say I was quite impressed by the way it looks now. Lots of information and drawings. I was also pleasently surprised to find you were the one behind the C library, as I remember that you were into Delphi"

Robert Lazarski

"First off, thanks for LIBMNG. We've been experimenting with it. It's marvelous."

Steve Rimmer, Alchemy Mindworks Inc.

"On a side note, you told me that you were new to C/C++. You did an excellent job on the code. Clear, concise and well documented. I would of never guessed that it was new to you"

Ravi Singh

"You're right! mng is better than gifs! I'll make a page on mng on my site!"


"Congratulations on the excellent work you have done creating libmng. I have used your library in my own html browser and it works very well."

Gregg Kelly