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Downloads - Ports & Packages

RPMs for PPC
libmng is among them. MATSUURA was the first to release a libmng RPM!

RPM Search
Database with just about every existing RPM file found on the net. Just type libmng in the search box, press search, et voila...

Debian libmng package
Type 'libmng' into the keywords-box and press the search button.

Debian KDE & libmng
Ivan E. Moore II
(potato & woody)
includes support for libmng & liblcms

FreeBSD ports
Mikhail Teterin
This site is the official ports & packages collection for FreeBSD. Just type libmng in the box, press search, et voila...

BeOS port
Eugenia Loli-Queru
Here You'll find source & binary downloads of libmng for BeOS.

libmng & MASM32
(zip-221KB; Windows32)
Gaell wrote the interface code to use the standard libmng.dll with MASM32 under Windows. The download should contain everthing you need. Please send enquiries to the developer.

PERL interface
I happened to come across this file which appearently provides an interface to libmng for PERL programmers. The link gives the readme-file. The actual interface is available from the parent directory.

NetBSD ports
Here's the entry-point for libmng on the NetBSD packages collection. This collection is designed to permit easy installation from source in the case where binaries aren't available for your platform.

Thomas Klausner has also added a port for the gtk-mng-view example included in the official libmng distro. You can find it's entry-point here.

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