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Troll Tech
(commercial & freeware; Unix/X, Win32)

Qt(tm) is a cross-platform GUI toolkit (not to confuse with QT - Apple's QuickTime(tm)), and available for Windows and Unix/X11 platforms. Qt is written in C++ and is fully object-oriented. It has everything you need to create professional GUI applications.

Floris van den Berg
(freeware - Linux & Windows - obviously :-)

"The Free, Quality Image library for Windows and Linux"

This project has been moved to SourceForge and is looking for a new maintainer!

TNGImage for Delphi/Kylix 1.3
G. Juyn / S. Price
(479KB; Delphi/Kylix; includes packages for D3/4/5/6)
- download contains libmng.dll 1.0.8-final (build 1124)

This is a native Delphi/Kylix component for accessing the standard libmng.dll/ from within Delphi/Kylix. It is based on TGraphic and allows all the usual manipulating you would expect. You can display PNG/JNG/MNG images/animations with this component as well as write PNG or JNG images (with or without alpha-channel). It also includes a wrapper for the JPEG code inside libmng (Delphi only!), as well as access to the zlib functions (in libmng.dll or

There's a separate FAQ specifically designed for users of this component.

An older (Delphi-only) release is still available: (364KB)
(This includes libmng.dll 1.0.3)

MNG ActiveX for MSIE
Jason Summers

ActiveX control (designed for MSIE) for displaying MNG/JNG on the Windows platform. Full color-correction.

Davide Pizzolato
(Win9x,NT,ME,2K,XP,CE, Linux)

CxImage is a C++ class to manage virtually any kind of images. It can load, save, display, and transform images in a very simple and fast way. It is basically a C++ wrapper around a bunch of other image-libraries (including libmng). Though it was designed for the Windows platform it claimes to suppurt Linux as well now.

Richard Morrey
(Commercial; ActiveX for MSVC, MSVB, Delphi & BCB)

PajantImage is a very small ActiveX Control (300k) that has some pretty impressive features that you can use in Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Delphi and Borland C++. It claims to support PNG & MNG.

Graphics Open and Save dialog
fCoder Group International
(Free for non-commercial use; Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP)

This is a toolkit that can be added to MSVisualStudio, MSVB, Delphi & BCB, to give an extended file open/save dialog with preview-support of images/animations including, amongst others, PNG, JNG & MNG.

MNG Component for QuickTime
Tarkvara Design
(Freeware?; Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Windows)

The following is a suite of QuickTime components (image decompressor, graphics importer, and movie importer) for making the MNG format accessible through QuickTime. The component supports the playback and creation of MNG files, as well as the use of MNG-format data within QuickTime movies.

Jin Hui (JComSoft)
(???; Windows ActiveX)

A generic ActiveX control for MNG animations. More info can be obtained by emailing the Author.

Denton Woods, James Joplin
(LGPL; Linux/Windows)

Formerly known as OpenIL. This is a graphics library that can be compiled with libmng to provide MNG/JNG support.
"Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a programmer's library to develop applications with very powerful image loading capabilities, yet is easy for a developer to learn and use."

Crystal Space
Jorrit Tyberghein (and hundreds of others)
(LGPL; Linux, Unix, Windows, OS/2, BeOS, NextStep, OpenStep, Mac, DOS)

Crystal Space is a free (LGPL) and portable 3D Game Development Kit written in C++ that's been available since '98. Recently it was extended with JNG read/write support using the infamous libmng. The added bonus is that it'll allow one to convert JNG from (or to) any of the other supported image formats.

kolMNG for Delphi - KOL 1.0-alpha1
G. Juyn
(290KB; Delphi)
- download contains libmng.dll 1.0.5-rc3 (build 985)

This is a modified version of the TNGImage component above, that's specifically designed for the KOL library. KOL (Key Objects Library) is a full replacement for Delphi's native VCL, which produces much smaller binaries than it's counterpart. KOL is pretty basic and requires a bit more work, but the added MCK library makes it completely visual as well. A bit more coding with KOL over VCL can result in very small executables (as small as 25KB or less!).

Thomas Kircher
(LGPL; MacOS X, Linux)

SDL_mng is a library to load MNG files as an array of SDL_surfaces. It is written in C, requires libSDL and libpng, and works on Linux and MacOS X.

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