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Newsitems - 2001

XnView to support JNG&MNG 2001-11-16
Pierre-e Gougelet has recently emailed me that his freely available image viewer/converter XnView now has support for JNG&MNG through the use of libmng. XnView is available on a multitude of platforms. It can display some 340(!) different image-formats and write some 40. Definitely worth a look, IMHO...

libmng 1.0.3 & TNGImage 1.0 !! 2001-09-18
Just in the nick of time... libmng 1.0.3. This maintenance release contains some cosmetic changes, reshuffled samples&contrib directories, updated some stuff (thanks Greg!), added a mingw32 makefile (thanks Benoit!) and added an fbcon MNG player (thanks Stefan!).

TNGImage 1.0 is here! Very few changes over the last beta, so I figure this baby is ready for the big jump.... Downloads are available in the usual place.

TNGImage 0.98 / libmng & MASM32 2001-08-20
I'm running behind folks! Lots of things are happening but I'm lacking the time to act on them. There's a new release of libmng in the bud so watch this space. Just to show that things are still moving forward:

TNGImage 0.98/4th beta was released today. I've been working with some fine people to get a really smart package together. Scott Price has been the driving force behind splitting up the source-files into manageable chunks and building the D3/4/5 packages and modifying the code to allow late loading of the dll (these are some really great new features!). Peter Haas helped to make some improvements specifically in the JNG alpha code, and Alex Tereschenko added the D6 package along the way. Thanks mostly to these great guys for their help and patience with my snailpace development schedule. Downloads are available in the usual place.

Gaell has made a contribution way back in June and I've been really slack making it available. I have just added downloads in the ports and packages area. The code allows any MASM32 apps to interface with the standard libmng.dll. A big THANK YOU to Gaell for his patience also!

libmng 1.0.2 released 2001-07-07
Another maintenance release. Most obvious new feature is a memory optimization path for playback of large MNG video-streams. Also it is now possible to turn off progressive display of large images (in case they are loaded from local disk). Downloads in the usual place.

libmng runs on BeOS 2001-06-08
And the libmng intrusion continues. BeOS seems to be the next infected victim... Eugenia Loli-Queru published source and binary files on BeBits. Ahw. There's no stopping this freaking thing, is there... Thanks Eugenia!

TNGImage in FreeSolitaire 2001-06-07
If you like to play Solitaire, then you may want to have a look at the new version of FreeSolitaire by Michael McCulloch and Goodsol Development Inc. This free (ad-supported) version now incorporates TNGImage and of course libmng.dll to display the ads. With several million users worldwide, this is certain to spread the most popular library for MNG ;)

FreeSolitaire contains ten of the most popular card-games and has some really nice features that make it a more than excellent replacement for the standard MS fluff. If seems sluggish, just remember you're sharing it's bandwidth with a couple of million others...

TNGImage 0.9.2 (beta3) 2001-05-05
Ok. There's already a whole bunch of people begging for this, so here it is.... A new beta of the TNGImage component for Delphi. It's code-base has quadrupled over the past 2 days, so you can bet it's got a lot of new goodies. Now included is the very latest libmng 1.0.1, properties for most of the libmng variables (status-info, image-properties, etc), a PNG export function, a JNG export function, support for assigning TBitmaps, support for adding transparency info (either single color or complete alpha-channel) on assigned TBitmaps, OnStatusChange event to monitor animation progress (eg. running or not).... ohwww. Please let'r rip...

libmng 1.0.1 released 2001-05-02
I've just released libmng 1.0.1 into the big bad world... There's been a few small fixes and several memory-leaks got plugged thanks to the ever helpful Gregg Kelly. The standard Windows DLL now also exports the JPEG routines from ijgsrc6b. And the CMS code has been slightly altered to make it even easier to use on sRGB-compliant systems (Thanks to Marti, Ivan & Warwick for their help&comments). To get your fresh copy, please click here.

Triple-T releases eMNGma v2 2001-04-29
Triple-T has released its new version of eMNGma. The worlds first real animation workshop for the MNG format. New features include International language support for the user-interface, plugin-system for importing more image-/video-/animation-formats and filter effects, enhanced MNG encoder and many more enhancements. And of course it's still using libmng for its PNG/MNG & JNG support! You can find more info here.

Site updates 2001-04-21
The libmng site has been optimized a bit. Less images, no more javascript (who needs it :-), so it should load quicker and get you right to the point.

Another Browser with MNG support 2001-04-20
I've been informed by Gregg Kelly that's he has successfully integrated libmng into his home-grown html browser. He was also kind enough to point out a few small bugs, so expect a libmng 1.0.1 any day now. His browser is a personal project for WinNT/2K and not (yet?) publicly available. Nonetheless it's great to hear more and more software is picking up the scent of MNG.

TNGImage component for Delphi (2nd beta) 2001-04-18
I've put a small Delphi component together which is based on libmng (of course). I've tested it with D3 and D5 sofar, and it's looking good. This is a slight modification from the first beta (which wasn't publicly released btw). The component is based on TBitmap, and supports pretty much everything you can do with TBitmap. Check the readme for more info. You can download it immediately from the libmng site or it's mirrors.

Futuris Imager v2 with MNG/JNG support 2001-04-15
Alexander Tereschenko released a completely reworked version of his image viewer utility for Windows 'Futuris Imager'. It has been highly optimized and uses a new plugin-system that will keep memory-requirements to a minimum. Most importantly the program now also supports MNG and JNG viewing through a special plugin based on... right... libmng. The program has a whole lot of new features. It seems a really nice utility to play with. More info is available on Alexanders website.

Triple-T releases second beta for eMNGma v2 2001-04-14
Triple-T released a second beta for their upcoming eMNGma version 2. This new version will incorporate international language support for the user interface, a new plugin-system that will allow add-ons to be developed by third parties, optimized MNG encoder, enhanced interface, and much more. Several plugins already offer extensions ranging from import-filters (TIFF, GIF, PCX, EPS, Photo-CD, PSD, etc) to special effect filters such as crop, flip, blur, hue/saturation, color-swap, etc. More info is available on the Triple-T site.

New version of FreeImage with MNG/JNG support! 2001-04-03
And they keep on coming. Another image library adopts libmng to support MNG and JNG on top of it's existing PNG support. FreeImage - "The Free, Quality Image library for Windows and Linux" - as Floris claims, is a freely available open-source image-library, which is incorporated in some impressive software. These Dutchies rule the net! :-)

Jason releases updated MNG plugin 2001-03-17
Jason's plugin was updated to include libmng 1.0.0. It's numbered 0.9.3 though! No-one's at fault here, or having trouble with their math ;-) It's just the way things have grown...

libmng-1.0.0 - now available 2001-02-07
At last. The first public release! Libmng-1.0.0 is now available for download. This is virtually the 0.9.5 (unreleased) version that was in CVS the last two weeks. Nothing spectaculair has changed. Just a few fixes for compiler-warnings and other little tidbits. And of course all files are now numbered 1.0.0 (pfffewwww).

And before you ask. Yes, there are still blanks. But these will be filled in later versions. This library supports 90-95% of the official MNG 1.0 spec, which is already much more than all test-MNGs I have available combined. JNG/PNG support is 100% (with the exception of the extension chunks; they are available through the unknown-chunks callback though).

MNG 1.0 spec in full glory! 2001-01-31
After a short period of hard work by Glenn, we can now have a look at the MNG 1.0 spec in its full glory. A commendable task has been completed and I think we all owe Glenn a big "thank you"! It's available in several formats as usual and at several locations. Hmmm, there's one right here actually...

This spec provides the rules and guidelines by which libmng is built. And during it's short life-cycle libmng has also helped to contribute and sharpen the contents of the spec. But there have been many people who worked on this over a long (loooong) period already.

There's quite a list of contributors at the bottom of this document. And they all deserve credit. If you are serious about using libmng and MNG/JNG, you owe it to yourself and these contributors to have a good hard look at this spec. And of course, there are also subsets available if you just want to concentrate on the MNG-LC, MNG-VLC or JNG part of the specification.

MNG in Swarm / Updated links page 2001-01-25
Ralf Stephan let me know he has completed the first stages of MNG support in the Swarm Simulation System. Swarm is a software package for multi-agent simulation of complex systems, originally developed at the Santa Fe Institute. Swarm is intended to be a useful tool for researchers in a variety of disciplines. Ralfs Object-C module will allow a Swarm user to capture a simulation in a B/W MNG (color will be added later). With magnification (through the use of MAGN chunks) the MNG video can be many times smaller than a comparable MPEG-1!!!

I've been a bit slack with updating the links page, especially regarding the fine individuals that contributed or helped testing this little project. Sorry guys. I hope I made it up this way...

libmng-0.9.4 - last(?) beta 2001-01-19
Right. Here's the hopefully last beta of the 0.9 series for libmng. Next stop libmng 1.0!!! Since this is a very serious release candidate I'd like your total dedication in testing this baby. And don't hesitate to let me know of anything. No matter how trivial.

There were a couple of changes in the MAGN and filter_method 64 code, and a few minor bug-fixes. Also several new fine contributions were added. Thanks folks! Your support is what makes it worthwhile!

PNG-group votes positive on MNG 1.0 !!! 2001-01-12
And what a way to start of the new year!!! The MNG specification has now officially been voted to 1.0 status. You can find the official status message here. I want to thank all the people that have made this possible, and I'd also like to take the opportunity to express my undying efforts to promote MNG and make it a huge success. 2001 will give some more MNG fireworks, I bet. Thank YOU for YOUR support!

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