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Newsitems - 2002

libmng 1.0.5 rc2 released 2002-12-09
I've just released the second candidate for the upcoming 1.0.5 release. Please give it a thorough shakedown as I'd like to get the final release rolling. This is a rather major update over the previous 1.0.4 version, and will benefit everyone developing with or just using the library.

Download info is here

libmng 1.0.5 rc1 released 2002-11-01
First release-candidate of the upcoming 1.0.5 release for libmng. This fixes a few small problems and brings the TERM/MEND processing, with respect to interframe_delay as per the current discussion on MNG-list, up-to-date with the latest proposal. The full changelog is available below the downloads!

File-insider to support MNG & JNG 2002-10-24
Jean-Luc Halleux informed me that the freely available file-insider web-utility now support MNG and JNG along with the already existing PNG support. Have a closer look at the contents of Network Graphics and the meaning of the various details of such files.

libmng 1.0.5 beta3 released 2002-10-15
Third beta of the upcoming 1.0.5 release for libmng. Fairly quickly after beta2, to fix a couple of booboo's introduced with it. The full changelog is available below the downloads!

TNGImage v1.2beta1 released 2002-10-11
Here's the first beta of TNGImage. Kylix support is now complete and functional, and the Kylix example has been extended with dynamic MNG capabilities. Documentation should be up-to-date as well now.

You can find a download link in the download section.

libmng 1.0.5 beta2 released 2002-10-09
Second beta of the upcoming 1.0.5 release for libmng. This addresses a few tiny problems discovered during testing. It implements Adam Costello's proposal for a change in the MNG spec regarding delays on the last frame (see the "mng-list" archives for more details). The full changelog is available below the downloads!

TNGImage v1.2alpha released 2002-10-07
I've released a preliminary version of the upcoming 1.2 version of TNGImage. TNGImage is a native Delphi (and now also Kylix) component that uses the standard libmng.dll (or to display PNG/JNG and MNGs, and can also create PNGs and JNGs (with or without alpha-channel).

You can find a download link in the download section.

Website changes 2002-10-06
I've added a specific Windows? section to the site with links to Windows binaries. The download section has been changed a little so it's easier to get to the libmng source and related binary distributions.

New MNG4IE ActiveX and MNGPLG Netscape plugin 2002-10-03
Jason has released new versions of his ActiveX control for MSIE and the general Netscape-style Windows-plugin. These are now based on libmng-1.0.5 and "dynamic" enabled! Get these latest versions and make the move to simplified rollover buttons on your website(s)!

Loads of MNG enabled software 2002-10-01
After some casual surfing I discovered there's more out there than I expected. At least 20 software packages that support MNG and possible JNG in some way, have appeared over the past year or so. Check out the download sections: apps, components and ActiveX controls.

MNGsuite extended 2002-09-26
The MNGsuite, a test-suite for MNG decoders, has been extended to allow testing of extended MNG support in libmng and other such libraries (yeah right :). New samples were added to test special MNG features such as BACK image&tile, PAST operations, MAGN and all variations of delta-images including varying bit_depth/color_type and PROM support.


libmng 1.0.5 beta1 released 2002-09-24
First beta of a large maintenance release for libmng. This version completes support of the MNG specification to near 100% (MAGN, PROM, delta-images, BACK image&tile are all covered now!). New is 'dynamic' MNG. The Delphi sample 'mngview' was adapted to show the use of this new feature. And a simplified Kylix port of said sample was added. This version also contains a few other new functions/contributions and fixes all bugs reported on SourceForge and to me personally. The full changelog is available below the downloads!

MNG goes cellular & Animai, a Japanese MNG editor 2002-09-15
MNG is really going places in Japan. Did the PDA market have NetFront, now J-Phone introduces MNG on their range of cellular phones. Check the Japanese links page for more details.

Also new (since June) is a Japanese MNG editor, named Animai. It runs on 32-bit Windows platforms. Check it out!

A new look for 2002-09-14
I figured it was time to give a little facelift. A bit more stylish, a little easier to navigate and some new content. New are the FAQ, Browser links, and archive of libmng news-letters. The links and news sections have been redesigned to accomodate the growing list of items.

New Japanese MNG compiler 2002-09-02
Mr. Sakura has put together a MNG compiler (written in PERL and also available as Windows binary) that will take a text-file and one or more PNGs and create a MNG file from it. His site also contains nice explanations of several MNG techniques and MNG technology, and also links to other MNG related info and software.

Illuminatus Opus & MNG / Fix Animation Shop MNGs 2002-08-19
I've just learned today that Illuminatus Opus by Digital Workshop contains MNG read/display support. Opus is a tool that allows one to create very high class presentations. MNG support has been available since version 2001B, which was released September 6th 2001.

And thanks to Duncan Lilly of the formentioned company, there's now also a little Windows-tool (called FixMNG) that will allow you to fix the buggy MNG files that JASC's Animation Shop will produce.

MNG ActiveX for MSIE!!! 2002-08-11
Wow! It's finally there. An ActiveX control for Microsoft Internet Explorer that'll display those wonderful MNG animations and JNG images. Jason Summers was the first to surprise us with a plugin for Netscape, and now he's done it again with this ActiveX control. Way to go Jason!

libmng 1.0.4 released! 2002-06-23
After some well-deserved timeoff, I present you with the latest version of libmng! It's basically a few bug-fixes and updated to use zlib 1.1.4 and lcms 1.0.8.

ACCESS NetFront v3.0 Demo with PNG/MNG support 2002-06-22
The Japanese company ACCESS have released a demo-version of NetFront v3.0 for the Pocket PC (it's been available since january this year!). This version already brings PNG & MNG to the PDA market. I'm very happy that the Japanese have such an excellent nose for brilliant image formats !!! (if just Microsoft would wake up as well....)

Mozilla 1.0 released! 2002-06-12
My favorite browser has just gotten mature! Well.... in version-number that is. It's been mature for me since it embraced MNG a looooong time ago. Hurray and congrats to Tim and the others of the crew. Keep up the great work!

Irfanview now supports MNG/JNG formats 2002-04-30
Irfanview version 3.70 is available. It now supports MNG/JNG formats (PlugIn).

New version of BeOS libmng package 2002-03-01
Eugenia has updated the libmng package for BeBits. It now includes an SDL-based viewer app for MNG files.

GeoAze uses PNG&MNG 2002-02-17
SilverGlint has released a game called GeoAze that uses PNG&MNG.

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