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Newsitems - 2005

libmng 1.0.10 released 2007-07-13
libmng 1.0.10 is out. This marks the ownership transfer of libmng to Glenn Randers-Pherson who has gracefuly accepted to take on the job. The 1.0.10 release adds provisional support for ANG and aNIM and has some minor bug-fixes. Hopefully under Glenn's expert leadership the updates will be a bit more frequent from now on!


libmng 1.0.9 released 2005-01-30
libmng 1.0.9 is out. This contains some more footprint-reductions by re-writing the chunk-decoder/encoder routines and is reported to save over 20KB in binary size! Also some minor bug-fixes and several sent-in patches have been applied. Thanks to all for testing and their help with this!


CCRC.WUSTL down and subsequent new Mailing lists 2005-01-30
For currently unknown reasons the regular PNG & MNG mailing lists ar have gone dead. To further discussion of PNG & MNG development, misc. topics and new announcements, new lists have been created on SourceForge. As there is no clean way to import the existing lists of subscribers, you are urged to sign up for the various lists. That is, if you want to be kept informed of course!!!

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