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This is the developers corner. If you're not really familiar with programming and the C language, you may want to give this a miss. Real developers please note that I'm going to presume reasonable understanding of at least PNG, and more-or-less of MNG as well. If you're not up to scratch with the latest specification, I'd say this would be a good time to dig into it.

Allright. If you're still with me, we'll dive into the specifics. Here's a list of what I've aimed for:

Quite the list, eh? Well, just remember it says that it is what I'm aiming for. That doesn't necessarily mean it will be able to do all that on the first public release... But the intentions are there :-)

That being the requirements, let's have a look at the internal module structure. Applications only need to see libmng.h, all others are pretty much off-limits. If anyone needs access to something in the internals, then I haven't done my job right, or they're pushing it to the limit. The first case can be circumvented by adapting the HLAPI. The other case is a "too bad" scenario...

Click on the images to get the larger picture. You may want to print this out and frame it over your bed... (I didn't though, in case you're wondering)

Functional design

This design is subject to changes. At some point during the development-cycle I may decide that certain modules may be combined or rather need to be split up. But as far as I can tell, this isn't too likely. Note that the effect for application developers is virtually nil, as everything is hidden through the main header file "libmng.h", which serves as the single reference point to external apps.