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libmng - The MNG reference library & related info

What this website is about... But first things first. Let me introduce myself. I'm Gerard. A solid dutch joker of the male variety. I could bore you with my biography, but I won't. You're here to explore the wonders of the Multiple-image Network Graphics! MNG, pronounced "ming", is the animation-brother of PNG, also known as Portable Network Graphics and pronounced "ping" (hmm, it's almost logical, my dear Spock).

Now I know you're itching to press that promising download link above, but let's go through some basics first, allright? PNG has been around for awhile, and actually MNG hasn't been that far behind. Unfortunately some vendors, that I will not specify any further, have neglected to built proper support into their web-browsers. But with all the renewed commotion around LZW (as in GIFtm) licensing and such, I say it's time to move forward and replace that old cow with something new and exciting.

I've spent the last couple of years exploring MNG, and this is my attempt to share it with all of you. This is a growing project and more content is added as we go along. The library itself has matured and has been publicly available for quite some time. As a result there's plenty of software now that supports MNG.

The project is named "libmng". If you are familiar with PNG and its library "libpng" (well...that couldn't be a coincidence...), you'll understand what it is supposed to be. If not, you may want to spent some time on the PNG home-page or the MNG home-page (They're highly recommended).

And please don't let that dot-com in the URL mislead you. As I promised this is 100% free stuff. Top to bottom.

Now I suggest you have a look at the information page to find out more about this project. There's already a history, containing all news-bulletins since the start. The developers pages may give you an idea of what's needed to integrate it with your own software (should you be so lucky...). If you don't believe me, see what others have to say. Ah, but where are the applications, you ask! Ok, hit that download link, and see for yourself  :-)

YOU can help too!!!

Are you creative? Do you want to contribute your ideas? Are you triggered to help the MNG cause? Then don't hesitate to let me know and please feel free to join the MNG discussion list, or help us find a new MNG mascot.

MNG is all about freedom. YOUR freedom! Say NO to the LZW-patent and make a stand with us. Convert your GIF(tm) files to PNG and/or MNG. Many websites have already adopted PNG as a standard. Too many to mention. Virtually all imaging software supports PNG. And through libmng and the latest MNG software, you'll have access to animations beyond your wildest dreams.

Yours truly, Gerard